Nuzha Ishak, Ph.D

Speech Language Pathologist
Manager Speech Therapy
NMC ProVita International Medical Center

Nuzha Ishak, Ph.D Speech Language Pathology, MSc Speech Pathology, BASLP is a speech-language therapist who is a clinician, researcher and advocate for clinician empowerment and evidence based practice. Clinically, she works with people who have swallowing disorders and communication disorders in long term and post-acute rehabilitation settings. Nuzha’s work is focussed on bringing about the best clinical outcomes in children and adults with swallowing and communication disorders. Currently, she is the Manager of Speech-Language Pathology services across all facilities in UAE under NMC Provita International Medical Center, UAE. Having recently completed her PhD her passion lies in empowering SLPs in developing contexts to provide high quality evidence based services to the patients they serve.